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“The Cotulla-La Salle County Chamber of Commerce was created to improve the quality of life in the area by promoting economic development, providing a healthy business environment, and promoting programs of a civic, social, and cultural nature.”


Noe Rodriguez, President

Dori Trevino, 1st Vice President  |  Jerry Farrell, 2nd Vice President  |  Fay Schulze, Secretary

Laura Soto, Treasurer  |  Melinda Rheinfeldt, Manager



Alfredo Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Deena Tetzlaff, Jason Surles, Elda Nora Quintanilla, Joey Martinez






May 8th, 2018 6:00 PM





  1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER – Noe Rodriguez called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.


    1. Board Members Present: Laura Soto, Jerry Farrell, Noe Rodriguez, Elda Nora Quintanilla, Freddy Gonzalez, Joey Martinez, Deena Tetzlaff, Jose Gonzalez and Melinda Rheinfeldt were present.  Jason Surles, Dori Trevino, & Fay Schulz were absent.


    1. Guests Present were:   Andrew Keck, Larry Dovalina,  George Diggans,  Alycia Reynolds, James Barbour, E.T. Page,   Daniel Mendez,  Andrew Keck,  Mary Koraleski, Hilda Avila, Terry Marshall, Bryan Nicholson, Alfredo Zamora, Ernesto Galvan, Shelli Ogburn, Michelle Joseph, Don Smith, Adam Taly, Kartik Patel, Make Bhakta, Estanislado Lopez,  Miguel Velasco & Cindy Williams  were present. 


  1. INVOCATION - Led by Noe Rodriguez


  1. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – led by Noe Rodriguez


  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES -   Motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Alicia Reynolds and seconded by Jerry Farrell. Motion Passed.






Fair Assoc. –  Mr. Galvan said they were working on scholarships for this year. He also invited everyone to the upcoming Fox Fest this month. 

Airport – Mr. Page stated the business had a dramatic drop in April even worse than last month. Airport terminal is done.

EMS/Fire Dept. – Daniel Mendez there will be a free community class for first response for June 21st. The county response time to emergencies is getting better. A hazardous Tech. course will be given for the crew on June 12th and 13th.  


Library – Mrs. Reynolds gave information about the upcoming 2018 Summer Reading Club and invited everyone to donate towards prizes and gifts for the children. She mentioned it would start June 12th and they would have a Movie day on Thursdays. 


Targa – Mr. Nicholson said they were still looking for a position to fill , but that the facility is running smoothly.


  1. 7.CHAIRPERSON’S ADDRESS – Noe Rodriguez spoke  


  1. CITY ADMINISTRATOR/MAYOR: Mr. Dovalina reported City Hall new building project is coming along, concrete should be laid this week. City is planning for future water expenditures. The city budget is in good shape. Hotel/Motel tax revenue is higher than last year. Purchase of the old Stockmens building has had brick thieves. An image of LBJ from 1930’s will be made into a bronze statue and placed near the Wellhausen building where he taught. The Plaza Florita will be upgraded in the near future. Mandatory plating for residents is being implemented. Updated list of demolished property is being done soon with more to come. City wide cleanup brought in 11 tons of debris collected! Continuation of sidewalk project, and restriping of Front St. Traffic signal to go up at the corner of 468 & 35. Mustang Creek property acquisitions for clearing and upgrades. Properties on Goft and Neel Streets have been purchased, cleared and mowed. Rabbi’s clinic for the public will be on May 19th. The city euthanizes around 600 dogs and 300 cats per year.  


  1. PRESENTATIONS/GUEST SPEAKERS –  Andrew Keck and guest spoke about their upcoming luncheon on the 23rd about financial planning. 

Michelle Joseph showed an informative video called “Safety Rocks” that will be presented to children through the school.  


  1. ADJOURN – E.T. Page motioned to adjourn seconded by Jerry Farrell. Motion passed. 


290 N IH 35

Cotulla, Texas 78014

Phone/Fax: (830)879-2326