Pictured: Hector Chapa, Jr, District Manager; Elsa Leal, Store Manager; Alejandra Cerda, Asst. Manager; Michael Vela, Araceli Garcia, Lalo Serna, Alexi Quintanilla, Gina Cuellar and Brenda Wright, Chamber President.

Congratulations to Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers for being selected Business of the Month for September

At Wendy's, established in Cotulla since 1996, quality and food safety go hand-in-hand as its first priority when it comes to serving customers in their restaurant. Seems like an abovious priority for a restaurnat company, right? Well, in their case, they have an added layer of complexity because they bring in fresh ingredients to their restaurants,  multiple times a week, to craft the items on their menu. And they've been doing this ever since the chain opend its doors in 1969.