"When family means everything, there is nothing a man wouldn't do to protect and defend his. Jacob Quintero, an active duty Marine and the baby of the siblings, tells the story of his older brother Josiah Quintero who lived an unorthodox life in efforts to provide his family a better life. The story of Josiah is told in sequential order starting from his childhood leading up to his professional career. Josiah lived a selfish life and shows heart and passion throughout many struggles and storms of adversity to show the true meaning of love and what the cost of love is. From troubled beginnings, he is molded to a fine gentleman who paves the way for his brothers and sisters and demonstrates great leadership. Making a promise at an early age, Josiah becomes a hero in the eyes of all those that know him and lays the foundation with the bricks that are thrown at him. He creates a plan to provide a bright future for his family and one that will unfold as the story is told with a twisting ending. Josiah is a craftsman and visionary of his life and proves one actions can hugely impact and influence those love ones around him with certain actions and risks. Josiah is one to be remembered, honored, and admired."—excerpt 


"His Name is Josiah" Book Signing, Sat. June 9, 2018 • 11am-6pm

Hosted by Jose Flores and Maggie Flores Ramirez

Jose Flores will debut his first book signing event, right here in his home town of Cotulla, Texas. Books will be available for purchase. All books will be signed along with photos taken with Jose.

If you have already purchased a book please come by so that Jose can sign it. We are honored and excited for Jose Flores to return to his home town and share the success with everyone. Event held at Alexander Memorial Library, 201 Center Street in Cotulla, Texas.

For more information please call the Library Director Alycia Reynolds at 830-879-2601.