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First United Methodist Church

Pastor Everett (Ev) McCarley
Jonah has absolutely nothing on me, he just spent some time in a fish. I ran for a lifetime!! It is just that some of us take longer than others to hear God calling. God called me at age twelve, and again when I entered college, but I did not respond. He called again upon my retirement from the military, and still I gave no outward response. In 2004 that calling became stronger and stronger as I served as an active Lay Speaker for SW Texas Conference. Although I felt a strong desire to serve, there remained a fear that I was not good enough to be a pastor.

Over and over again, congregation members and non-church friends would say “You missed your calling and would make an excellent Pastor.” Finally, at sixty, father of three, with six grandchildren, God’s calling could not be ignored any more. I attended local pastor school May 2010, but there were no assignments that late in the appointment process. However, in June 2011 we began a three year assignment as Associate Pastor at Lakehills United Methodist Church in the Medina Lake area outside of San Antonio. June 27, 2014 we moved to Cotulla TX where I now serve as the Pastor of First United Methodist Church Cotulla. WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE to be able to serve this congregation and this community. Once I finally quit running and started serving this has been the most rewarding years of my adult working life. My children say, “Dad, you are finally following your heart and not your wallet, and we are so proud of you”. Finally we are in the place that God wants us to be and there is so much to do, so much to learn, and so much to give. Praise God!!
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