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November is now here! We will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I did not think I would be writing the newsletter this month but the new board has not met for their for first meeting so I am still the president until next Tuesday, November 8. We will soon be in the new year and wonder where 2016 went too!

Brenda T. Wright, Cotulla Chamber President




On October 12, 2016, Cotulla Main Street had the Mural Dedication and Block Party Showcase. Andrew Keck asked Betty Childs to come forward and say a few words about the Mural and what the family thought. She said that they were very proud of the Mural and the people of Cotulla should be very proud also. She is only one of the living descendants of Mr. Joseph Cotulla. Bill Cotulla and Jo Fae Tiller Mathews are the other remaining relatives of Mr. Joseph Cotulla. We have something to be proud of and I hope it will draw many tourists to the area. Gil Rocha did a wonderful job on the mural and he brought to life what Cotulla is all about. We have Patsy and the City of Cotulla to thank for such an added attraction to downtown.



The Frio Vision Alive put this event on in Pearsall on October 22, 2016. They had Food, Fun and Entertainment, Arts and Crafts, Handmade Items, Fresh Produce and Gift Items for all ages and walks of life. If you didn't go, you missed out on a day for the family to bond and have a good time.



The winners in the coloring contest for Ramirez/Burkes Elementary are:

1st Place: Kate Guzman, 2nd Place: Jedrek Rivera and 3rd Place: Josefina Garcia. All of these children are in Mrs. Martinez Class.

The winners for the Middle School are:

1st Place: Araceli Benavidez, 2nd Place: Jayden Muriel and 3rd Place: Demetrius Del Real. All of these children are in Mrs. Holmes Class. We are very proud of these students and thank them for taking the time to enter the coloring contest and be apart of our Hunters Appreciation. They will be awarded their ribbons and prizes on Thursday at the Hunters Appreciation event.



Our Annual Membership meeting was held on October 11, 2016. Your new board of directors for 2016-2017 will be: Noe Rodriquez, Dori Treviño, Gerry Farrell, Fay Schulze, Marilyn Reyes, Jason Surles, Savannah Garza Sanchez, Nora Elda Quintanilla and Liz Rincon. They will elect their officers at the next board meeting. I wish them much success and luck this coming year. Happy, the Magician, entertained is again this year. Everyone seemed to enjoy his performance again this year.



The City of Cotulla is still on target for their projected projects for 2016. They are still very solid financially. We look forward to seeing Cotulla continue to grow and make the city a place to call home and people to come and visit and enjoy what we have to offer.



The County is continuing to move forward with their projects and they are still solid financially as well. The sheriff's office continues to arrest the people who have broken the law. They are making our county safe one arrest at a time. We thank them for their dedication to making our county safer. They keep hiring new officers and that is a good thing so we will have enough law enforcement to take care of the law breakers.

The Fire Department and the Red Cross have started their door to door campaign of making sure that the citizens of Cotulla have the smoke detectors they need in their homes. They are free to the citizens so if they come knocking on your doors please be receptive to them and let them install the smoke detectors after all they do save your lives.



The school held their annual Fall Festival last Saturday. We pray it was a great success. We want to thank Dr. Jack Seals and Mr. Moreno for getting our Hunters Appreciation Banner put up for us downtown so people can see when our event is being held. They are always so gracious to help us in anyway they can.



Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is the General Election. You still have time to vote absentee. Friday, November 4 is the last day for absentee voting. Remember one thing, all votes count and if you don't vote, you really don't have a right to complain when the election doesn't come out the way you wanted it too.



Friday, November 11, 2016 is Veterans Day. If you know a Veteran who served this country and you see them, thank them for their sacrifice and dedication they made for you and I so we can have the freedom we have today. Remember all of those and their families who suffered the ultimate price by giving their life for you and I. THE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED THAT DAY IN OBSERVANCE OF VETERANS DAY.



The Cookie Recipients for November are: DOCTORS HOSPITAL of LAREDO and WENDYS. It is our way of saying thank you for being a member of Cotulla Chamber. I keep saying if it were not for the membership, we would not have a chamber. Thank you for your membership.



Brad Johnson held his monthly meeting at the Country Store on October 18. He had Haley Curry there with STEER and they both discussed what is happening in the Oil and Gas Industry and what it means for us here in the Eagle Ford Shale. They told us that it will get better but they just do not know when. 



We will be closed November 24 and 25 to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will be back in the office on November 28.

I did not think I would be writing the newsletter this month but the new board has not met for their for first meeting so I am still the president until next Tuesday. 



The board of director and regular membership meeting will be next Tuesday, November 8 at the Alexander Convention Center in the conference room upstairs. Board of Directors will meet at 5:00 and the Membership will meet at 6:00 P.M. Please make plans to attend. Your new officers will be presented to you at that time.

On behalf of the officers, board of directors, Melinda and myself, we wish each of you a blessed Thanksgiving. We pray each of you will be safe if you are traveling for the holidays. Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.


Brenda Wright President