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August 1, 2016

On July the second, Main Street held their annual 4th of July celebration. Everyone's said they had an enjoyable time. On the 12th we held our monthly chamber meetings. We had a nice turn out due to the fact that we recognized our 2016 Scholarship Recipients. On the 14th a prayer vigil was held on the courthouse lawn praying for all law enforcement but mainly for the slain officers and their families in Dallas. On the 20th the Methodist Church had their monthly luncheon which is held every third Wednesday of the month. On the 21st the Martinez Sports Complex held their ribbon cutting and on the 26th Merrill Lynch held their luncheon at the Country Store. Brad Johnson with Merrill Lynch conducts these meetings and he brings in people who are very informative about what is happening in the financial world and especially what is going on in the oil and gas world.



Main Street will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, August 8, 2016 at the  Cattleman's Restaurant at 12:00 P. M. Please make plans to attend. If you have not been downtown, you need to go check out the landscaping. It has so enhanced our downtown area.

The Methodist Church held its annual Health Fair on August 2 at the A. B. Alexander Convention Center. It was very well attended. Kudos to the great community efforts by the church and also invite everyone to their luncheon every third Wednesday of the month. It is good fellowship with other people in the community.


New teacher orientation will be on August 12th. We will be delivering New Teacher Bags to the school the day before to welcome the new teachers into the community. We have emailed you several times asking you to bring in items to give to them. Please bring them into the chamber as soon as possible. We will be assembling them next week. FYI: The first day of school for the students will be August 22nd. It will be here before we know it. I am sure the administration and teachers are already working getting things ready for the students to return for the school year. Good luck to our athletes this year in whatever sport or activity they will be participating in. Please keep the administration, teachers and students in your prayers as they prepare to return to school. Remember to be extra careful in the school zones and watch for the school children during and after school hours.


Ace Hardware will have a Flea Market on August the 13 from 8:00-2:30. I understand that there will be all kinds of activities and vendors. Make plans to attend and support this endeavor. This could grow into something great for this community and could generate more revenue for our county.


Larry Dovalina was at the chamber meeting last month and said that our city is still doing very well financially. We should be very proud of our city administration and our city councilmen and women. They are doing a great job for our city. He said there is more infrastructure that still needs to be done but it takes time for it to be done right. Our city looks better today than it ever has in the past and that is because of the leadership we have at city hall. Bids have gone out for the new city hall that will be built. It is nice to know that the old Ford Dealership is going to be used for our new city hall. It is in the historical district so they will be keeping it in accordance with their regulations. City of Cotulla is working on their budget for 2016-2017. Under the leadership that we have now, I know they will budget wisely for this next year.


The Cotulla County Sheriff's Department held a special prayer for all law enforcement but especially those who have lost their lives in the line of duty recently. It was a very touching moment and everyone who participated did a great job.

They will be holding a CAR SHOW AND FAJITA COOK-OFF on August 13th from 8:00-4:00. They are still signing up vendors and cook-off teams. The money raised will go to support the S.A.D.D. program at the Cotulla High School.

The ribbon cutting for the new Martinez Sports Complex was held on July 21st from 4:00-9:00 P. M. I understand that there was a great turn out despite the heat. The county judge and the commissioners did a great job. This is a facility that we all can be proud of and pray the citizens of this community will take care of it so we will have it here for many years to enjoy. I am sorry I could not attend the function. My husband had an accident which kept me from attending. The Fire Department and EMS is still doing a great job. County is working on their budget for 2016-2017. I know they will budget wisely for this next year.


The Business of the Month this month is Chesapeake Operating, LLC. We appreciate them being a member of our organization. Without memberships our organization could not exist or function. Congratulations to them for being our business of the month.


Cookie recipients for the month of August is: UNCLE MOE'S and STEWART TITLE in LAREDO. The cookies are just a little appreciation for them being a member of our organization. 

We are still working very hard getting ready for our annual membership banquet and the Hunters Appreciation. I met with Mr. Charlie Wilson, our auctioneer for the Hunters Appreciation, Jason Surles and Phillip Collier with Dilley Feed and Grain on Thursday to finalize everything for the Hunters Appreciation. We are working on the banquet getting everything in place for that function. We are getting new memberships all the time and are so pleased to have them join our organization. We try to fulfill our obligation to all our memberships by promoting them and their businesses. Budget Committee will meet on August 11 at 6:00 P.

Our Board of Directors and Regular membership meeting will be held on August 9, 2016. Board of Directors will meet at 5:00 P. M. and Regular membership will meet at 6:00 P.M. The meetings are held at the A. B. Alexander Convention Center 290 N. IH 35. Please make plans to attend the membership meeting at 6:00 P.M.



On behalf of the board of directors, Melinda and I, we continue to wish you a safe and blessed summer.