"Happy" days: (Marilyn Reyes, Melinda Rheinfelt, Brenda Talbert and featured entertainer/ comedian "Happy".

Annual membership banquet
Hope everyone had a good time at our Annual Membership Banquet Tuesday September 8, at the Alexander Convention Center. Melinda and I have been busy getting everything ready with some important agenda items. The 2015-2016 budget was approved and revisions to the Personnel Policy were made. The election of the board of directors for 2015-2016 was also held at this meeting. We had a great time with our featured entertainment, "Happy".
The Nominating Committee met and have put a slate of officers together for the 2015-2016 year that will work very hard to make our Chamber even better.

Hunter’s Appreciation
The Hunter’s Appreciation is fast approaching. I cannot express enough how important it is that you make plans to attend that function. Without you and your support, we cannot award scholarships and that is very important to this organization because we want to see our students succeed in life. The date is Friday November 6, 2015.
Chamber workshop
Melinda and I attended a training in Austin to help us understand how to approach businesses and individuals in becoming members of the Chamber. It was very beneficial to both of us. They pointed out things to us that we can do to to show the membership we presently have how much we appreciate them. When the fiscal years starts we will start implementing and using their ideas. 
Wild Hog Cook-Off
The LaSalle County Fair Association is working toward a goal before next Wild Hog Cook-Off to build a new pavilion. They have some fundraisers coming up in the future and I encourage you to get out and support their efforts. It will benefit the whole county and community.
Thanks to our law enforcement
We as a Chamber want to commend our law enforcement for a job well done recently near the Chamber offices. We thank the Lord that none of our officers were hurt. We, of course, wish that it could of ended differently, but they did what they needed to do to protect everyone involved in the stand-off.
Cotulla Main Street
The Cotulla Main Street projects are moving along nicely. It is going to beautify our downtown area when it is completed. As I have said in the past, please go by and tell Patsy what a fine job she is doing. Let her here some positives comments instead of all the negative comments that she is hearing. You always have to have little hiccups before you get to the end but the end result is always well worth any inconveniences.
Airport finished
The airport project is finished and is ready to start accommodating the larger planes. We know the city and E. T. are glad the project is finished and they can move forward.
School’s back
School is in full swing. If you see someone from the school administration or school personnel, give them a word of encouragement and let them know we are here to support them in any way we can. We need to support our Cowboys and Cowgirls so when there is a football or volleyball game in town go out and show your support.
Projects in motion
The City of Cotulla is moving along on the street paving project. It will look very nice when it is completed. They have lots of infrastructure projects going on that is going to benefit the community as a whole.
On behalf of the board members, board of directors and myself, we wish you a safe and cool September.
Brenda Talbert President