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We’ve created a page for all users that you can add to your website to get information from businesses about how they’re being affected by COVID-19. You can also use this page to post updates from The Chamber about how the virus is impacting your community, such as closures, open restaurants, etc. Below is the URL for this page that you can email out or add to your website.

The Cotulla – La Salle County Chamber of Commerce held their 45th Anniversary Membership Meeting October 8th, 2019. They continue to serve the community of La Salle county  and surrounding region through promoting business members and tourism. The new board of directors are Jose M. Gonzalez, Hilda Avila, Patricia Rodriguez, Tony Perez, Joey Martinez, Deena Tetzlaff, Luis Almendarez, Jesse Franklin, Laura Soto and Elda Nora Quintanilla.